• 2015

    Patent of registered – Table type Wet dust collector
  • 2014

    Received Good Environment Business(NO. 2014-06) Gyeonggi-do
    Start of Research development for 4 colors Powder Coating dust collector
  • 2013

    participated in KOMAF(Korea Machine exhibition)
    development of fine grinding dust collector(Industry University Institute Collaboration)
    Received Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Grand Prize
  • 2012

    Company-affiliated Research and Development Institute Certification (NO. 2012 111640)
    Selected Promising Export small and medium-sized export enterprise(NO Gyeonggi-do-150)
    Selected by Enterprise specializing in parts materials(Ministry of Knowledge Economy NO. 9424)
  • 2011

    Completion of Second Factory in Asan TechnoVally(Building Site 5,416.1) (Building 3,137.4)
  • 2009

    Patent of registered - downflow rotary type filter system dust collector
  • 2008

    Patent of registered - Small-sized wet dust collector (Registration #10-0795114)
    Pegistered a design - Small-sized wet dust collector (Registration #30-0476485
    Registered a design - dust collector (Registration #30-0476486)
  • 2007

    Patent of registered - Filter management system of filter dust collector (Registration #10-0681758)
    Small and Medium Business Administration research development joint work Consortium participation (daejin university) for recycling of dust removal and cast-iron ware from cast-iron ware process, efficient single body type dust collection system development success
    Participated in korea machinery fair held in seoul korea
    Practical use new technology merit enterprises (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy Minister testimonial #67393)
  • 2006

    New product authentication(NEP), NEP-2004-001(EEC)
    Industry family enterprise appointment
    Environmental Management System authentication obtain (ISO 14001)
    Technology Innovation Small and Medium enterprises(INNO-BIZ) authentication obtain
    Job avoid business joint work Consortium participation(kyunghee university)
    Participated in korea machinery fair held in beijing, china
    Kiss 2006 exhibition participation
    Registered - Air pollution control facilities enterprise
  • 2005

    Patent of registered - booth type dust collector (Registration #0484266)
    Patent of registered - cleaner water (Registration #0496671)
    Patent of registered - print type toner refill device (Registration #0509092)
    Increased capital to usd 209,000
    Clean places of business certificate (Registration #15865)
  • 2004

    Domestic production filter industrial Mergers and Acquisitions
    Venture business authentication obtain ( Small and Medium Business Administration #041624032-1-61)
    Utility model registered - inside bag dust collector (Registration #0340766)
    Utility model registered - air blow nozzle (Registration #0342520)
    Utility model registered - Horizontal filter system dust collector (Registration # 0349934)
    Registered design - dust collector type duct (Registration #0347424) dust collector type flower (Registration #0364169)
    Registered design - Intermediate & high-pressure small-sized dust collector (Registration #0353187)
    Registered design - welding fume collector (Registration #0356540)
    Registered design - dust collector type (Registration # 0367444) CE mark obtain
    Establish a branch in shanghai china (wooyangeng. co. ltd )
    Participated in korea machinery fair held in Shanghai china (04/05-04/08)
    Environmental equipment quality authentication obtain (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy #2004-11)
    Kyonggi internet frontier enterprises selection ( # 2004-53)
    ERP system established
    Kyonggi do Promising Small and Medium enterprises selection ( #2004-135)
    Development of Excellent capital goods merit enterprises (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy Minister testimonial #55720)
  • 2002

    VIETNAM AGENT Purchased the second factory.(#512 ,3 MA SHI-WHA INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX)
    Registered a Design for oil dust collector.
    Participated in the International Exhibition on Environmental Technologies. (ENVEX 2002)
    ISO 9001 registered. And registered as member, CHINA HENAN AREA AGENT
    Environment Preservation Association.
    Appointed agents in Singapore,Malaysia,and Thailand head-office and first factory moved to new and larger building located in #729, 3 BA. SHI-WHA INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, JUNGWANG -DONG, SHI-HEUNG CITY, KYONGGI-DO.
  • 2001

    Changed into corporation and amended company name. And Mr. Kang Shin Kee inaugurated as representative.
    Obtained membership of Korea Trade Association.
  • 2000

    Issued the new product, oil mist collector.
  • 1999

    Registered Utility Model with regard to dust collecting equipment with rotary filter
  • 1998

    Developed the appliance for removing smoke and gas generated by soldering
  • 1997

    Developed oil mist collector.
    Registered a Design with regard to brush shaking dust off collector.
    Registered trademark. (WOOYANG & DUSCOL)
  • 1996

    Developed fume collector with hepa filter
    Developed fume collector with equipment removing dust automatically.
  • 1995

    WOOYANG established. Developed special coating treated cartridge filter for the first in Korea.